Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bali Very Beautiful and Gorgeous

Tourism sector in Bali is the most developed and developing countries, but is still likely to be developed more modern. This area has a variety of attractions, both natural, historical and cultural tourism. Nature, for example, includes 47 attractions, such as panorama at Kintamani, Kuta Beach, Legian, Seminyak, Tanah Lot, Panida Nusa, Nusa Dua, Karang Asem, Lake Batur, Bedugul Lake, Sangieh Nature Reserve, West Bali National Park, and Garden Menjangan Island Marine.
Including 83 cultural tourism attractions, such as the type of art in Ubud, Tanah Lot sacred sites, Barong ceremony in Jimbaran and various art venues and galleries are now many popping up in several places on the island of Bali. Cultural tourism is growing rapidly, especially many works of art produced by painters and sculptors from Bali. Price paintings and sculptures made in Bali, the price could reach tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, there are some foreign artists who have long lived in Bali, such as Mario Blanko, Arie Smith, Rudolf Bonner and so on.
Similarly, historical tours, you can see some historical relics such as Karangasem kingdom, Klungkung and Buleleng. The potential for tourism in Bali that have contributed and foreign exchange revenues of Bali is still a potential to be developed to advance. Denpasar City is strategically has pretty good facilities in terms of services trade, and has an international airport, should be used for various purposes such as tourism and international trade services.
Indonesia Is Beautiful

Friday, May 18, 2012

Enchantment Purnama Beach (Full Moon Beach)

Pesona Pantai Purnama

The beach is unique, fun and lots of fascinating its visitors. That beach is said Purnama ( Full Moon ), it explains why the so-called Purnama Coast because many visitors who come often when the moon comes Purnama. Perhaps they are more interested in seeing the exotic and the panorama of this beach when the full moon came and looked clear on this beach.

Full Moon BeachPantai PurnamaIt is worth Purnama Beach is your priority when a stopover in Bali. The beauty and charm will attract anyone and amazed. Black sand bath crystals, have a big roll of the waves and the sight of the green field rice vast stretches when he was on his way to the beach. From the picture of just how much of this coast have an aura of beauty that is almost absurd depicted in words.

Another charm of this beach is another setting that still looks natural and quiet so it is suitable for you who were honeymooners or like making love freely. Or in addition to those newly married or a central romantic couple, there are many people who come to this beach to enjoy a vacation with your family after so long stuck in the routine of work and other major cities are filled with the complexities of life, congestion, air pollution, etc..

Some activities that can be done on the beach is like relaxing while enjoying the waves roll in, enjoying the sunshine, playing in the sand which were radiating beach, surfing, or fishing. Purnama ( Full Moon ) beach is also often used as a religious ceremony by the locals as Melasti and Melarung ( Clean Up ). To keep the beach clean Purnama always formed a partnership between karma subak, merchants who sell and the owner of the villa-villa nearby.


Purnama beach is a beach located in the Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Village Stanger,Stanger district, Gianyar regency. The distance is about 11 km from Denpasar City.
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The Charm of Stunning Bali Cliff

Indahnya Bali Cliff
If you've just familiar and only visit tourist attractions such as Sanur, Kuta and others during the visit Bali, it would be nice to find another tourist atmosphere. One of the places that are not less interesting and beautiful, but not much is known of the tourists is Bali Cliff.

What is Bali Cliff ?

Bali Cliff has three names as well as the Bali Cliff himself, Green Bowl and Hidden Beach. All three have their own reasons. Bali Cliff called because formerly existed and popularly known as Bali Cliff hotel and to facilitate the call and given the name of this resort dining is name Bali Cliff. Then referred to as a Green Bowl on the grounds that if we look at this beach area from the air it will look its shape which resembles a bowl of water. Bali Cliff is also called the Hidden Beach because his life was a cliff behind the beach so it's pretty hard to find.

Green Bowl or the Bali Cliff offers a view that is amazing. Can be seen the white sand that stretches, then a bluish color of the sea and the steep rock walls and a tough bit of beauty that can be mentioned. For those of you who are very fond of surfing, the Bali Cliff is an appropriate area for testing the courage and adrenaline. Many tourists also visit one of the reasons for wanting to try out surfing spots that are here.

Types of waves are a regional classic that has a normal wavelength and the height is quite challenging. Basic beach consists of rocks that be careful doesn't care if it will hurt the feet or other body parts. For the record, because the location is quite remote so you who are interested to visit Bali Cliff is expected to bring their own food supplies because there are many food vendors that are here and open in the daytime only.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Natural Charm In the Hills and Rice Mbay

Beautiful in the Hills

Mbay rice area directly visible from the hill as he entered the city Mbay. The Green expanse of the year appeared to have a checkered flat ground to near the coastal boundary. Rice fields here have never stopped using the dam for irrigation is not from rain or known as rained rice. Dam "Sutami" built in the Nusa Tenggara. That has the ability 47 751 million cubic meters which are the ongoing support of agriculture in this area. And still clean the air here can be seen from the wide variety of herons and other birds in the field. Several types of cranes are visible drop in rice fields.
The Green Pasture
The uniqueness of this area are the first of many the discoveries of an actual hut-hut once used to hide Japanese combat equipment such as aircraft, tanks or armored vehicles. That is why the first ever built in this area is called the Surabaya airport 2, which seems to be coded as a place where the Japanese-held bases Surabaya having problems. That is why in the hut on average have a bog / puddles to form the letter U. Formally the population according to the story, the loom is still easy to find the wreckage or tanks that have been damaged, but it's been difficult to find. Perhaps newcomers to this region, who took the carcasses.
Before the season, Rice Planting
The average rice grown in paddy rice fields are Mamberamo, and although several pests attacking rice fields here, farmers remain reluctant to move growing rice varieties are more resistant to pests Aphis. Flooded rice fields here are also many live catfish, according to one resident, catfish here are easy to get because people are less likely to consume it themselves. Beside enjoying the sunset from the rice fields you can also do on the hills. Mbay hills dry more often just grow grass alone. In the rainy seasons and the months in which the soil still contains water, which is more like sitting in the hill prairie savanna to enjoy nature is cool. You will see green grass and pasture cattle or goats. Do not forget to prepare drinks and food, it's unfortunately that just enjoy this rice field at the same time enjoys a sunset time between the hills.

  Performing the twilight sky background of natural hills Mbay
Pesona di waktu senja
The void expanse of hills in the hills so exotic blends Mbay. Invites you for a moment forgets about the routine and enjoy a vast garden lawn stretches to the sky waiting at the ink ink-blue pictorial yellow so fast, who thought what happens in the next minute. Show that the twilight sky's never missed when I was sitting on a patch of grass on the hill this Mbay.     Indonesia was the beautiful country 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tana Toraja tourist charm

Tanah Toraja, a famous tourist attraction with its cultural richness. District that is located about 350 km north of Makassar is very popular with their customary form of house building. This custom home was named Tongkonan. The roof is made of split bamboo and arranged piles, but now many are using zinc. Tongkonan also has a corresponding degree of nobility strata strata of society such as gold, bronze, iron and brass.

Unique Home Tanah Toraja
Tongkonan - Toraja traditional house
Once attached image Toraja Land with house building is customary, as a form of tourism promotion and to attract Japanese tourists to this area, the traditional houses were built in the country "rising sun" is. The building itself is done by the Toraja and brought tourism entrepreneurs to Japan . Now in Japan, there have been two Tongkonan very similar to the original. The presence of Tongkonan always amaze people of the country because of its unique. The difference with those in Tanah Toraja is located on the roof only using bamboo.

There are many other attractions of Tanah Toraja ritual signs other than solo (funeral), which is famous for this. Call it baby graves in the trees in the village Kambira Tarra, Sangalla District, about 20 kilometers from Ludhiana, who prepared for the body of a baby aged 0-7 years.
Baby graves in the Trees

Toraja burial ground tree
Although burying the baby in the tree Tarra was not repeated since the last decades, but the tree where the "bury" dead baby was still upright and much visited by tourists. Tarra on the tree that has the fruit like breadfruit is commonly used as vegetables by local people with a circle the tree trunk 3.5 meters, saved dozens of dead babies.

Before the body is inserted into the tree trunk, the tree was first drilled and then placed into a dead baby is then covered with a black palm tree fibers. After decades, the baby's body will blend with the tree. This is an attraction for the travelers and to Tanah Toraja society still considers sacred place likes a newborn child.

Placement of the baby's body on the tree is well adopted to the social strata of society. The higher the degree of social family then the higher the place the baby was buried in the Tarra trunk. In fact, infants who die is placed in the direction of the bereaved family residences. If the house is in the western part of the tree, then the child's body will be lied to the west.
Londa Stone Tombs
Londa stone tombs in Toraja land. Stone graves, one grave form of the Toraja people

To reach this amazing Tanah Toraja there domestic airlines Makassar - Toraja Land is now only once a week and put on a small plane passenger eight people, which takes 45 minutes from the airport Makassar Hasanuddin. If by land, which is quite tiring journey takes between seven and ten hours.

Interesting event in this tourist area that is the burial ceremony (solo signs) and signs tuka (shower) which is a fixed calendar every year. In addition to these events, the visitors get a close look at other interesting cultural sights such as the storage of dead bodies in the storage form of "container" giant size with a width of three meters and a height of ten meters and tongkonan 600-year-old in Londa, Ludhiana.
 Pesta Rambu Solo

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